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Did Your Agent Make These Common Mistakes?Expired Listings - Boise Homes for Sale

You did everything your agent told you to do. You kept it showing ready. You priced it where they told you to. And here you are, months later, still sitting in a house you no longer want with your life on hold.

What the Heck Happened?

Buyers are looking at lots of homes when they shop for Meridian real estate. The average buyer inspects 12 properties before they make a decision. That means your home is competing with at least a dozen others out there. If you want to get a buyer for your home, you have to be able to get your property noticed. That requires a broad-based marketing program. Something more than a sign in the yard, a listing in the MLS and a posting on the internet.

8 Common Mistakes

Meridian Homes for SaleThere are 8 common mistakes made by real estate agents when attempting to sell a house. Any one of them can cause your home to not sell.

For a buyer to plunk down the money to buy your home, they have to love it. More than they love any of the other homes they've seen. But before that can happen, your agent has to make sure it gets seen.

If now is the right time for you to sell your home in Meridian or west Boise, make certain it gets done right.

I've prepared a brief report describing the 8 mistakes and how to avoid them. It's free, of course, because I believe that once you know about the problems, you'll want to talk with me about the system I've developed to avoid each one. Avoiding problems before they occur is how you find buyers and make sales happen.


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